ValueHunters Club by EndoSnake by ValueGear Online - Vysn
ValueHunters Club by EndoSnake by ValueGear Online - Vysn

ValueHunters Club by EndoSnake by ValueGear Online

  • EndoSnake by ValueGear Online

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NEW NEW NEW! Special One Time Offer

Join ValueHunters Club and get our standard gift box for only $1!


What's included for $1?

Use your EndoSnake With Ease!

This highly flexible tripod stand for a mobile phone is the perfect match for every EndoSnake owner. It allows you to fix your phone while you explore hard-to-reach spots with your new endoscope.

This flexible tripod is very easy to attach anywhere, allowing you to level out a camera on the most uneven surfaces.

Flexible octopus tripod stand comes with a FREE clip for a mobile phone.
This amazing stand is not just for phones - it can be used for cameras, too!!!

Regular Price: $45
Price Now: $0


Make the most out of your tripod!

Don't be tricked by the size of this gadget because it's much more powerful than it looks! It works on both Android and iOS phones, allowing you to shoot photos from distance.

Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and you're good to go! Use your tripod to attach your phone, smile and just click on the button. That's it! Your new beautiful photo is captured!

Regular Price: $45
Price Now: $0


Earpiece For You

This amazing Bluetooth earbud is very popular due it's convenience and lightweight. High-fidelity sound and voice quality effect allow smooth communication. With 33 feet transmission distance this earpiece is the perfect choice for casual talk while driving, working or walking.

The high capacity battery allows over 6 hours of talking time and over 160 hours of standby time. It supports stereo sound and Bluetooth v4.0 simple & safe connection.

Beside that, this beloved earbud can be connected to 2 phones simultaneously.

Regular Price: $45
Price Now: $0

And On Top Of Everything
[eBook] Forgotten 1950 shooting manual from a WWII sniper

So what is the catch? How only $1 for all of this?

It's quite simple - we want to give chance to more people to experience our Value Hunters Club, unique gift box subscription service

Many people hesitate whether Value Hunters Club is good for them or not. Value Hunters Club is for those who like new and interesting gadgets, but don't want to waste money buying 1 by 1. Every month, for only $24.99 (less than a dollar per day), you will receive a gift box with 2-5 pieces of most useful top trending gadgets. We recommend joining our club to every individual who likes exploring new things.You can cancel your subscription at any time, but interestingly, every club member who received 3 packages, never canceled subscription - THAT'S HOW AWESOME THIS IS!

Happy customers

"I'm amazed by the value of the items I got! I was searching the internet for the mini cam I got. In your store that camera is $70, on the internet is $90 and in retail up to $150 haha and I got MicroSD too which worth itself at least $19.99. Thank you!"

Chris 27, CA

"I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it! Every month I'm pleasantly surprised with your gift box! First, it was that smart camera, then all those awesome car gadgets, last month MiniEye with MicroSD and now this amazing remote photo shooter! You know what "value" means! Keep doing a great job!

Jessica 34, IL

LIMITED TIME ONLY Get the First Month of Value Hunters CLUB for $1! Then after, get the world’s coolest gadgets every month for 88% OFF their retail value! For a tiny investment of $0.8 a day, you get the best gadgets in the world practically for FREE. Cancel anytime, hassle-free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

This is what you get in the $1 Trail Month of the Value Hunters Club:

1) Flexible Tripod Stand with Phone Clip $40 Value - FREE

2) Remote Photo Shooter $30 Value - FREE

3) Bluetooth Earpiece $45 Value - FREE

4) "How To Be Crack Shot" eBook PRICELESS

Get First Month Trial For Only $1

Regular price $24.99/mo after trial

What can I expect in next packages?

Note: Items presented below may or may not be included in the next package that you're going to receive. We always look for best deals and keeping the value of each gift box above $80. If you are not satisfied with your package, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

NEW Stronger Than Any, Hygenic Phone Protection Glass

FULL HD Action & Surveillance Mini Camera

Motion Sensitive LED Lights

...and many many more!

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